20th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide

Rwanda April 2013
Ntarama Memorial
in this church, now a memorial, during the days of Rwandese Genocide of 1994 were brutally killed more than 5000 people : men , women, children .
These people took refuge inside in the hope to survive, but once you enter the doors were locked from the outside and all exit routes blocked. Only then began the carnage : grenades were thrown through the windows and the killers fired with machine guns through the roof from elevated locations .
At the end of the massacre ,to ensure that nobody could pretend to be dead , the killers had poured chilli on the bodies so that the pain compel the injuried to move; people found still alive were finished with machetes and sticks.
Near the church there was a structure that served as a nursery for the little ones. The children who were inside were killed banging their head against the brick wall. Today, in this place , which is also part of the memorial , you can see the stain left on the wall at the point where the children were killed. The Ntarama memorial , is a place of tremendous emotional impact which still perceive the terror , the ‘ anxiety and pain experienced by people who were slaughtered there .

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